Zambia is well known for its first-class emeralds easily competing with the famous Colombian emeralds. Most of the Zambian emerald mines are located in a narrow stretch of land of about 2 x 10km in the Copperbelt region, the so called Kafubu area.

Our stones are untreated and totally natural. Emerald is often impregnated with oil or other substances to enhance clairty. In Zambia the miners keep their rough stones in bags with baby oil. This makes it easier to eevaluate the material and the oil does not normally enter fine fissures as it would in the course of clarity enhancement under vacuum. although we do not clarity enhance our stones, it cannot be excluded that some residue from the rough oiling remains within a stone after cutting.



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0.84ct; VS
Kafubu area, Zambia

0.81ct; VS
Kafubu area, Zambia

1.40ct; I
Kafubu area, Zambia




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